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  Name: LZRS(similar  number)
LZRS definition: a negative number of groups, if the inside of the negative as a positive number, the composition of the entire number of groups can be listed as 1,2,3,4,5,6, ... ... the natural number , Called this group called "LZRS."
Name Definition Original: Man Shu Kwan(Hong Kong, China)
English translation: Gao Zhiyuan (China Yan'an)

The rise in the upsurge of constructing LZRS magic square Chinese

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19 22 7 25 17 21
29 11 9 24 36 2
12 26 27 8 4 34
13 14 30 16 5 33
28 6 23 35 18 1
10 32 15 3 31 20
Complete parent-child magic完全亲子幻方)

  Magic hexagon  六边幻形
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  Garden visitors magic square(田园来客幻方 )

  Wushuoxin's  mi(q )magic square
The website is still under construction

How many magic lines can a magic cube of small order possess?

Perfect magic cubes

The successful search for the smallest perfect magic cube in 2003.

  7th-100th bimagic
China Magic Square researchers, have all been constructed successfully 7th-100th bimagic square.
We can see here the international bimagic square record, as well as China's domestic bimagic square record.

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